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We received your acceptance text and are excited that you have made the decision to join the Nationally Recognized SBG Sox Baseball Program. If you are new to SBG Sox this season, welcome aboard! If you are a returning player from last season, welcome back! 


We will begin our 16th season in September and our second full season on the Gulf Coast,  and have had the privilege of watching many players come through our program and grow as a player. We understand that this is an important decision for your family, and we take the responsibility that you place in our organization seriously and with pride. 


What Next? 

Our administration and coaching staff is working to send offers to players that they feel can succeed in our program. As rosters are built we will communicate with you, introducing your coach and the roster for the upcoming season. You are always welcome to contact us by sending an email to this address with any questions related to the team-building process. 


Once you have accepted your invitation, we ask that you place a roster deposit of $100. To place the deposit, just click HERE and complete the registration. The deposit is credited towards your contract for the next season. 


The cost of membership for Sox Baseball is based on your age division as follows:

  • 7U/8U The total cost is $1,000. It can be paid in full, or it can be set up on a payment plan of either 12 months at $75 per month or 10 months at $90 per month.  Your roster deposit will be your down payment. 

  • 9U/10U The total cost is $1,900. It can be paid in full, or it can be set up on a payment plan of either 12 months at $150 per month or 10 months at $180 per month. Your roster deposit will be your down payment. 

  • 11U-14U The total cost is $2,170. It can be paid in full, or it can be set up on a payment plan of either 12 months at $160 per month or 10 months at $192 per month. Your down payment is $250, and your roster deposit is credited towards that, to leave a down payment of $150. 


If you choose a payment plan, it will  be set up to be automatically drafted on the 1st, 5th or 15th using either a debit or credit card, or an ACH bank draft. For those that may not be able to fit the cost of membership in their budget, we have scholarships available to help offset the cost. To inquire about scholarships, please email 


In August, we have a team meeting where all Sox teams will come together to meet the staff at our facilities, meet the coaches, set practice schedules, etc. It takes about an hour. 


We will need 3 numbers that you will want to wear, with the most favorite first. Returning Sox Players already have jerseys, so every number is not available.


Coming in July will be the Player Agreement, which is a 12-month contract that is signed in July/August and begins September 1. 



We use many ways to communicate with players and families.


Websites - for facility information & for all Sox teams. 


Social Media - from our website, click on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your location and follow for Player of the Week, Player of the Month, game video and other information. 


The P360 App - just search for P360 Performance Sports from your Apple or Android device and download the app. Information about teams, camps, clinics, instructor schedules and more - we also use the notification feature to communicate with families. 


Textmunication - a texting system we use to send text messages about teams and training 

Email - we use email often to provide information about what's going on either individually or to the whole organization 


Texting and Phone - you can contact anyone in the organization by phone or text - to get a number just send an email to this address


GameChanger - all games for all teams are scored by GameChanger 


Team Communications - teams use GroupMe or GameChanger to stay connected 



We are excited to get the new season started - our 16th year of starting a new season. We continue to work hard to provide everything you need to help us help your son reach his potential - with new nets and training area reconfiguration in Hattiesburg, new nets and turf in Auburn, new nets in Jackson, and a brand new training facility at the Outlet Malls of Mississippi in Pearl, facilities on the Gulf Coast in Pascagoula and Gulfport, and a 30,000 square foot facility in Mobile. Coming next Spring, we have broken ground on a 33,000 square foot facility in Ocean Springs! Teams and players are always welcome to use any of our facilities, anytime. 


You aren't just joining a baseball team. You are a member of the SBG Sox Family and we are glad you are here. A lot is expected of a Sox player and they know...hats on straight, shirt tucked in, belt straight and shoes clean. You are now a member of the nationally recognized, national champion SBG Sox....someone is always watching you. 


Welcome Aboard! 

The SBG Sox Staff

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