The original large barrel bat, this Select Cut C243 features a natural finish and black branding in a clean look. As aluminum bats became a part of the game, the demand for large-barreled, thin-handled bats led to the rise of the C243. A standard handle, large barrel and traditional knob taper create a versatile bat built to power your game.


The all-new Louisville Slugger Select Cut lineup features innovative Seamless Decal technology and EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives a hardness you can feel and hear with every swing.

Select Cut Maple C243 Louisville Slugger

    • Color: Black
    • Series: Select Cut
    • Barrel: Maple
    • Model Year: 2020
    • Weight: Slight End Load
    • Product SKU(s): WTLW7M243A2031, WTLW7M243A2032
    • WTLW7M243A2033, WTLW7M243A2034

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