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Welcome to SBG Sox HS Showcase Teams 


We have received your  invitation acceptance to play in the SBG Sox Showcase Program in the 2023 Summer. You are at the right place to register if you were invited to play for teams based in Mississippi and Alabama. 


To all of our returning players...welcome back! And for those new to the SBG Sox Program...welcome aboard!






SBG Sox 2023 High School Showcase Teams 

Grad Years 2024 | 2025 | 2026 | 2027 | 2028 (Birmingham)

Congratulations on your invitation to the nationally recognized SBG Sox High School Showcase Program. For the 2023 Summer season, we will have both National & Regional teams in Mississippi, Auburn and Birmingham. These teams will play a different schedule:

  • SBG Sox National Teams play in 6 events that will be competing against national level competition in locations such as Atlanta, Memphis, Lake Pointe GA, and Hoover AL. One event can be in Jackson or Hattiesburg.  The registration for National Teams will be $2,780. This fee can be financed with a $500 Down Payment ($250 at registration and $250 in November 2022)  and 6 monthly payments of $380 per month. 

  • SBG Sox Regional Teams play in 6 events, with four of those events more localized in JUCO events or other events that tend to be less travel and not week long events. Regional teams will play in two events that may be in Hoover or Lake Pointe GA. The registration for Regional Teams will be $1,910, and can be financed with a $500 Down Payment ($250 at registration and $250 in November 2022)  and 6 monthly payments of  $235 per month. 

  • SBG Sox Birmingham Teams registration for all Grad Years. This is for teams that played under the CABA brand in prior years and have been invited to play in the 2023 Summer Season. The price schedule depends on the Grad Year in Birmingham. The registration is your commitment to play for in the 2023 Summer. If you register, you are on a roster. If you would rather attend a tryout instead, you can do so by Registering for an upcoming tryouts by CLICKING HERE and using the Coupon Code BHM to waive the fee. NOTE: uncommitted players are not assured of a roster spot by attending a tryout instead. 

  • Birmingham 2024-2026 Grad Years: The Fee will be the same as the SBG Sox National and SBG Sox Regional team fee schedule above. If financing, the $500 down payment can be split into two payments in October and November, then the first payment begins in December 2022. 

  • Birmingham 2027-2028 Grad Years: All players, the fee for the 2023 Summer Teams will be $2,000. It can be financed with $500 down ($250 in October, $250 in November), then 6 payments of $250 per month beginning in December 2022. 

Note: Financing is provided as a courtesy to families to help manage and budget the cost of playing in Showcase Baseball. A payment method (credit card, debit card or bank account for ACH processing) must be on the player's account to utilize the financing program. 

Registration for returning SBG Sox Players (must have played in 2022 Summer) will not increase from the first year of participation. 

About Refunds 

The $500 Roster Deposit is non-refundable. This is used as your commitment to play in the 2023 SBG Sox Summer Showcase Program, and that commitment is relied upon by the SBG Sox Recruiting Staff in roster development. 

In cases of injuries to players after making their commitment, SBG Sox will process any refunds in August 2023. Refunds are pro-rated based on the date of injury that prohibits a player from returning to play prior to the end of the summer season. If an injured player intends to play in the 2023 Fall and/or the 2024 Summer, the amount of the refund will be applied to the next season. Any refunds requested for other reasons will be considered in August 2023 on a case-by-case basis, but SBG Sox is not under any obligation to issue a refund for any other reason except injury to a player. 

For questions or more information please email



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