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Welcome to the SSG Sox Softball Program 2023 Spring and Summer Season.


All players are members of P360 Performance Sports. This gives you access to our facilities in Jackson and Pearl, and if you are traveling - we have facilities in Pascagoula, Hattiesburg, Birmingham and Auburn as well. Feel free to stop by anytime to attend free classes, use it to hit as you want, and have access to our training staff for private lessons. 


The cost for the 2023 Spring/Summer season is $650, and can be financed with $50 down and 5 monthly payments of $120 per month. To finance, you will need to have a credit or debit card on file in your account, and it is processed automatically on the 10th of each month. 

The Roster Deposit is your down payment if you are financing. The first payment will automatically process on February 10, 2022.



What Next? 


You will need to complete the MEMBER REGISTRATION and place a $50 Roster Deposit as part of your registration. 


Once your roster deposit is received, your account is automatically set up to process payments. 


If you do not have access to your P360 account, you will be sent an invitation for self-service. This is needed if you are going to attend the Daily Classes, book lessons, etc. You can add or change your credit card on file in your profile, pay any invoices, and lot's more. 


Please download the P360 Mobile App from your device by downloading it from your device's app store. The login that you create can be used on the app as well. 


You also want to follow our Social Media pages, as we announce the weekly and monthly Academy Sports Spotlight Players, pictures, video and more about Sox players. We have two websites:


You will find links to our social media accounts - be sure to click the location so you follow the right place.....or click them all and follow all of our Sox teams. 

Be sure to follow SSG Sox Softball



P360 Performance Sports entered a partnership with Under Armour this season to outfit all teams. This is an added cost and you can expect that it will be less than $200 for the full set of jerseys. 




We use many ways to communicate with players and families. for facility information & for all Sox teams. 


Social Media - from our website, click on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your location and follow for Player of the Week, Player of the Month, game video and other information. 


The P360 App - just search for P360 Performance Sports from your Apple or Android device and download the app. Information about teams, camps, clinics, instructor schedules and more - we also use the notification feature to communicate with families. 


Textmunication - a texting system we use to send text messages about teams and training 

Email - we use email often to provide information about what's going on either individually or to the whole organization 


Texting and Phone - you can contact anyone in the organization by phone or text - to get a number just send an email to this address


GameChanger - all games for all teams are scored by GameChanger 


Team Communications - teams use GroupMe or GameChanger to stay connected 



We are excited to get the new season started.  We continue to work hard to provide everything you need to help us help your daughter reach her potential - with new nets and training area reconfiguration in Hattiesburg, new nets ,lights and turf in Auburn, new nets in Jackson,  a new 22,000 square foot training facility that just opened at the Outlet Malls of Mississippi in Pearl, a facility in Pascagoula and a new facility project under development in Ocean Springs, and the acquisition of baseball and softball facilities in Birmingham. 


You aren't just joining a softball team. You are a member of the SBG/SSG Sox Family and we are glad you are here. A lot is expected of a Sox player and they know...hats on straight, shirt tucked in, belt straight and shoes clean. You are now a member of the nationally recognized, national champion Sox program....someone is always watching you. 


Welcome Aboard! 

The SBG/SSG Sox Staff

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