Sox Championships


June 25-27 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-06-28T173129.762.png

June 17-20 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-06-21T133921.368.png

June 10-13 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-06-14T143807.232.png
Graphics - 2021-06-14T142120.298.png

May 21-22 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-05-24T140704.016.png
Graphics - 2021-05-24T132647.001.png
Graphics - 2021-05-24T141522.312.png
Graphics - 2021-05-24T133913.208.png

May 15-16 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-05-17T165643.473.png

April 25 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-04-26T124500.133.png
Graphics - 2021-04-26T122927.432.png
Graphics - 2021-04-26T123802.701.png

April 18 Tournaments

Graphics (100).png

April 10 Tournaments

Graphics (70).png
Graphics (67).png
Graphics (68).png

April 3 Tournaments

Graphics (56).png
Graphics (52).png
Graphics (51).png

March 21 Tournaments

Graphics (30).png

March 7 Tournaments

Turner Champs 3.7.png

February 27 Tournaments

Gadman Champs Graphic.png

FALL 2020

October 24 Tournaments

Gadman Champs 10.24.png
Ford Champs 10.24.png

October 3 Tournaments

Copeland Champs 10.3.png
Smith Champs 10.3.png
Brown Champs 10.3.png

September 26 Tournaments

Blackburn Champs 9.26.png
Adams Champs 9.26.png
Estes Champs 9.26.png

September 20 Tournaments

11U Mattison

GSSA September Slam Champions

12U Varner 9-21.jpeg

12U Varner

Grand Slam Classic Champions

September 13 Tournaments

13U Lewis Champ Oxford 9-13-2020.JPG

13U Lewis

USSSA "It's Time to Play the Game" Champions

Sox Runner-Up Finishes


June 10-13 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-06-14T144816.747.png

May 28-30 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-06-01T110828.030.png

May 22-23 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-05-24T134855.753.png
Graphics - 2021-05-24T144723.083.png

May 15-16 Tournaments

Gadman Runner Up Champs.png
Estes Runner Up New.png
Howland Runner Up.png

April 25 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-04-26T122024.828.png
Graphics - 2021-04-26T115708.813.png
Graphics - 2021-04-26T120952.059.png

April 18 Tournaments

Graphics - 2021-04-19T172357.103.png
Graphics (98).png
Graphics (99).png

April 10 Tournaments

Graphics (79).png
Graphics (71).png
Graphics (72).png

April 3 Tournaments

Graphics (53).png

March 27 Tournaments

Graphics (39).png
Graphics (38).png

March 13 Tournaments

Bedenbaugh Champs 3.14.png

March 6 Tournaments

Howland Runner Up.png
11U Jones Runner Up 3.7.png

February 27 Tournaments

Varner Runners-Up.png

February 20 Tournaments


FALL 2020

October 24 Tournaments

Reed Runner Up 10.24.png

October 18 Tournaments

Wagner Runner Up 10.18.png
Smith Runner Up 10.18.png

October 3 Tournaments

Runner Up Mattison October 3.png
Runner Up Wagner Oct. 3.png

September 13 Tournaments

11U Mattison 9-13-2020.jpeg

11U Mattison

USSSA September Slam Runner-Up

14U Bedenbaugh Runner Up 9-13-2020.JPG

14U Bedenbaugh

GSSA September to Remember Runner-Up

10U Tuten Runner Up 9-13-2020.JPG

10U Tuten

USSSA September Slugfest Runner-Up