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We appreciate your interest in SBG Sox, and if you are attending a tryout, this is a little information on how teams are created. We have another week of tryouts and will get a chance to see and meet over 1,000 players and families during this time. 

What's next?
You will notice the many coaches and support staff at the tryout. These guys are very experienced in evaluating players, with each taking notes, talking to players, and understanding as much as they can about each one of them. After the tryout, the staff gets together and goes over their of players are displayed in the meeting room and draft ideas about where the players may fit on teams. 

Teams are built by skillset, then by position. This exercise continues daily and invitations are sent out as the teams start coming together. You may receive a call to ask more questions, or a text to make sure they understand something about a player. Occasionally we may ask to see your player one more time. 

As a player development organization, it's important that players are positioned to get playing time and grow as a player. It does no good to have players batting .125...equally it does no good for a player to be batting .800. In these cases, the player is not in the right position to grow. The same for having 4 really good 2nd basemen - they can't all be put on the same team just because they are very good at that position. There's a lot more to know about them beforehand to make sure they will get adequate playing time. 

Do we always get it right? No. Once the teams are formed they will begin practicing in the late fall and winter...and the staff pays attention and receives feedback from the coaching staff. While we look for all of our players to succeed, we pay close attention to those that are under or over performing compared to the rest of the team. If it looks like we missed, we take a hard look, talk to the coach, parents, the player....with all of the input we make a decision on whether a player needs to be moved to a different team. 

Team Building and Player Placement
Our goal is to provide a baseball home for every player that wants to join our program. In reality, there are going to be situations where there aren't enough players to fill out a team at a skill level. Maybe we have 7-8 players that play 12U AA, and need 2-3 players to finish the roster. We will host additional tryouts, or talk to parents about other player they may know that might be interested in trying out...but until we complete that roster, we don't yet have a team. 

What if you haven't heard from us? 
Please know that the entire staff is working through late hours every night to create competitive rosters. If for any reason we feel like we can't complete a roster for your player, we will let you know as soon as we know. Offers may be extended throughout the month of November as tryouts are completed and more players become available. 

We've been doing this for 15 years.  For the 2022-2023 season we will field over 50 teams across all of our locations. The reason it works is because everyone on staff pull in the same direction....always keeping the best interest of the players front and center. We do not waiver from that committed mindset. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but your patience is usually rewarded with finding your baseball home with our family. 

If you need information or have any questions, please send an email to

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