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We welcome you to the SBG Sox Youth Program in Birmingham!


. We received your registration and are excited you are here and hope you will be joining the Nationally Recognized, National Champion SBG Sox Baseball Program. 


We completed our 15th season this summer and have had the privilege of watching many players come through our program and grow as a player. We understand that this is an important decision for your family, and we take the responsibility that you place in our organization seriously and with pride. 


What Next? 

We hope that you have read or know about the merger between P360 Performance Sports & CABA USA. P360 is the parent company of SBG Sox and has been around since 2001. Founded by former Ole Miss Rebel and Chicago White Sox infielder Chris Snopek, the company started in Jackson MS, and has grown from one facility to additional locations in Pearl, Hattiesburg, MS Gulf Coast, Auburn and Birmingham. Each location was added with professionals that share the SBG Sox Mission, are strong people with a great baseball background and love teaching the game. Kennon and Joe are definitely those people. Our Mission: To provide a platform for player, character and attitude development for young people to realize their full potential, whatever that may be. Each year over 1,800 players join us for our Sox teams, camps and leagues. The P360 Fall Wood Bat League just completed its 17th season and the P360 Machine Pitch League starts next week for its 3rd season. All programs will be headed to Birmingham over the next 12 months...and it starts with the SBG Sox Baseball Program. 

For the upcoming season, all CABA players are invited to return and play on an SBG Sox team. Depending on the number of players that return, teams will generally stay together with their teammates and coach. To commit to play with the SBG Sox, it requires a $100 Roster Deposit, letting us know that you are in as we build the teams. 

Players accepting an invitation that are new to SBG Sox and CABA, Click Here to accept your invitation and register. To accept your invitation you will place a $100 roster deposit that will be credited to your SBG Sox Player Agreement. 

If you are not sure, you can attend an open tryout instead. These open tryouts will be held in November for all players interested in SBG Sox Baseball. CLICK HERE to learn how we build SBG Sox team rosters. Please note, open tryouts are for completing rosters for players that have not decided to return, and to create new teams. Roster Deposits assures your placement on an SBG Sox team. 

Returning CABA players,  REGISTER your player by entering the information and placing a $100 roster deposit, or you can select the OPEN TRYOUT option. Once we receive the registration you will receive from us over the next few weeks: 

  • An email inviting you to self service for your account. Create a username and password to access. 

  • An email with a link to your contract. Read the contract - be sure to click the "CLICK HERE" link in the document to add payment information. Note: contracts are not sent until teams have complete rosters. 

  • If you have chosen to attend an OPEN TRYOUT, we will communicate the date, time and location.

  • Questions? Please email: 


Joe Yarbrough at

General Questions at 


What am I paying for?

First and foremost, our responsibility is to provide a safe, fun and instructive environment to develop players - that they will be a better player next Summer than they are today. 


  • Head Coach. This makes up the largest portion of your payment. Our coaches are experienced - having played at a high level in college, minor league and some in Major League baseball. Our coaches have the unique ability to teach the game in an age appropriate manner to build confidence and skills. 

  • Practice. P360 Performance Sports provides indoor training facilities for teams to practice and contracts with municipalities to provide on-the-field practice, with a goal for every team to practice at least twice a week. 

  • Training. P360 has continuous training for players of all ages. Daily Classes are held Mon - Thu for hitting, pitching and fielding training. Players can attend as many as they want at no additional charge; Players can reserve a cage to hit on their own with a parent anytime; Group Training is provided with our professional staff for hitting instruction for $ - includes 4 - one hour sessions. Private Instruction is offered in pitching, hitting and catching at discounted member rates. Very affordable Machine Pitch Leagues are held to provide real-world, game setting training in the fall and late winter. All Sox players have preference in any of the programs as they become available.

  • Sox teams are built to enhance the abilities of all players, to provide experience in positions that are best suited for each player. From young ages they will learn how to play most positions, advancing and focusing on specific positions as they age, grow and develop in the program. 


The cost of membership for the SBG Sox Youth Program will be based on your age division. The roster deposit is deducted from this total with the balance due in November 2023.  We provide financing for those that prefer it. To use the finance option, select the option in your Player Agreement and let us know the method that you want to use.  The payment options:

                          7U - 8U SBG Sox Teams

  • Total is $800. Roster Deposit is deducted for a balance of $700.

  • Financing: $100 Roster Deposit (due in October 2023), and 

  • $87.50 per month for 8 months beginning January 2023, or

  • $140 per month for 5 months beginning January 2023.

  • To use the contract financing, a method of payment MUST be on file - either a credit or debit card, or a checking account to use ACH processing with Regions Bank iTreasury System. 


                            9U - 12U SBG Sox Teams 

  • Total is $1,750. Roster Deposit is deducted for a a balance of $1,650.

  • Financing: $100 Roster Deposit (due in October 2023), and 

  • Down Payment of $250 (due in November 2023), and 

  • $175 per month for 8 months beginning January 2023, or 

  • $275 per month for 6 months beginning January 2023. 

  • To use the contract financing, a method of payment MUST be on file - either a credit or debit card, or a checking account to use ACH processing with Regions Bank iTreasury System. 


Additional Cost 

SBG Sox Baseball and SSG Sox Softball will be outfitted by UnderArmour for at least the next 4 seasons. Providing quality products at a very reasonable price, we are teamed with one of their largest distributors, 431 Sports, to provide outstanding service and an easy ordering system.

  • Spring jerseys will include 3 custom Under Armour jerseys and a playing cap. 

  • A player account is created for each player, and all orders are shipped directly to the players home address. 

  • 2023  Under Armour Spring Jerseys

  • Tournament Entry Fees. SBG Sox Youth teams schedule their own tournaments and can play in as many as they want. We only ask that if they play 3 weeks consecutively that they consider taking a week off. To help cover the cost, our non-profit, The Avery Wayne Johnson Memorial Foundation, will hold company-wide fundraisers and distribute the funds to all youth teams equally. Other local fundraisers are organized as well. Each team selects a team manager to register for tournaments, and usually has a team account to deposit funds for event registration. 



We use many ways to communicate with players and families. for facility information & for all Sox teams. 


Social Media - from our website, click on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your location and follow for Player of the Week, Player of the Month, game video and other information. Note: Birmingham social media accounts are under construction and will be available by the end of October 2023.


The P360 App - just search for P360 Performance Sports from your Apple or Android device and download the app. Information about teams, camps, clinics, instructor schedules and more - we also use the notification feature to communicate with families. 


Textmunication - a texting system we use to send text messages about teams and training 

Email - we use email often to provide information about what's going on either individually or to the whole organization. 


Texting and Phone - you can contact anyone in the organization by phone or text - to get a number just send an email to this address


GameChanger - all games for all teams are scored by GameChanger 


Team Communications - teams use GroupMe or GameChanger to stay connected 


We are excited to get the new season started - our 16th year of starting a new season. We continue to work hard to provide everything you need to help us help your son reach his potential - in Hattiesburg new nets have been installed and Larry Knight has added new performance training products for all players; in Jackson new nets have been installed for the hitting area; in Auburn new nets, lights and turf have been installed, and the Hit Trax training system is up and running;  a brand new training facility  at the Outlet Malls of Mississippi in Pearl...a 22,000 square foot center with an advanced pitching lab, hitting cages, pitching machines and an indoor infield training turf; in Pascagoula an air conditioned training center with hitting cages and pitching tunnels; and exciting changes coming in 2023 in Birmingham. Teams and players are always welcome to use any of our facilities, anytime. 


You aren't just joining a baseball team. You are a member of the SBG Sox Family and we are glad you are here. A lot is expected of a Sox player and they know...hats on straight, shirt tucked in, belt straight and shoes clean. You are now a member of the nationally recognized, national champion SBG Sox....someone is always watching you. 


Welcome Aboard! 

The SBG Sox Staff

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