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Returning Players....Welcome Back! and to our players new to SBG Sox...Welcome Aboard!

The SBG Sox begins it's 16th season this Fall, and with 3 National Championships and numerous State Championships, nationally recognized for its player development. 

What's next?

We hope to make this part quick and easy. We want to make sure you have all of your questions answered before you ask them - so this may be a lot of information. 

  • Player Registration - use the form below to register your player with information to create your contract. REMEMBER: Your $100 roster deposit is applied to your down payment as you get to the payment section. When selecting your jersey number - returning players keep their number UNLESS they want to make a change. You will make your selections using the form below. 

  • Once you are registered you will receive an email to set up your account access if you haven't already done so. Please set that up - you can use it to change payment methods, book classes and lessons, add a picture of your player, etc. 

  • Be sure to download the P360 app for your phone or device. 

  • Player Agreement - the SBG Sox season officially starts September 1, 2024. Your agreement must be signed within 24 hours of receiving it by email or it will expire and will have to be resent. 

  • Under Armour jerseys - you will receive an email to log in and order your Fall jersey set. We need your number to set up your team and make sure we have it!

  • Team Meeting - all SBG Sox players and families will get together for a team meeting August - you will get a chance to meet the entire staff, learn what to expect and ask questions...and meet your team. 

  • Questions? Send an email to or

Again Welcome to the 2024-2025 season! We are glad you are here. 

Please fill out the Form below to provide information to set up your Player Agreement and Membership. Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button. 

Gulf Coast/Gulfport
Contract Payment Plan
Please Process My Down Payment
Use the credit card on file
Call me for another card
No down payment due
Payment Draft Date
Payment Method
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