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SBG Sox Baseball Headed to Birmingham

Jackson MS – P360 Performance Sports announced today that it has merged with CABA USA in Birmingham AL. CABA USA will become P360 Performance Sports – Birmingham and its youth and high school showcase baseball teams will become members of the SBG Sox Baseball Program.

CABA USA has been operating in the Birmingham area for over 15 years with three facilities that provide instruction for baseball and softball players. Over 20 teams play in their organization. The previous owners, Kennon McArthur and Joe Yarbrough, will remain with P360 in senior management roles in the overall corporate structure and will continue to manage the facilities and teams in Birmingham. Chris Snopek, the founder of P360 Performance Sports and SBG Sox baseball, stated, “we are beyond excited to have Kennon and Joe join us in Birmingham. They have worked hard to build a quality organization over the last 15 years and fit well within the P360 organization. For us, it’s always about the quality of people – and these guys are the best.”

Kennon McArthur is from Sylacauga AL where he played high school baseball. Drafted by the Phillies in the 5th round in 1998, Kennon played in their organization for 4 years before retiring back to Birmingham. “We have been watching SBG Sox as it has grown into a top program for high school players, and have known Mark Fuller for many years,” said McArthur. “After meeting with the staff and discussing the future, it became an easy decision to join Chris. Our visions align and I am excited to be a part of building that. Kennon’s focus has been high school showcase teams and players, providing a platform for over 200 players to commit to play college baseball from their program. Kennon also develops training programs for players of all ages.

Joe Yarbrough played baseball at Hazel Green High School and was drafted by the New York Mets as a left-handed pitcher. He opted to go to college at Jefferson State CC and transferred to the University of Alabama Birmingham for two seasons. He pitched professionally for four seasons, including three seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays organization. “Youth baseball and softball is about providing opportunity for young people to learn and develop as they grow. SBG Sox fits perfectly with our mission to provide that opportunity, and I am excited to bring that to Birmingham to join us in continuing that mission,” mentioned Yarbrough. Joe’s focus has been the development of youth players and teams playing the CABA youth baseball program. Joe develops and provides training programs for players of all ages.

The SBG Sox Baseball Youth Program started its 15th season in 2023, with almost 40 youth teams playing this Fall. The SSG Softball Program in Jackson added five teams for the 2022 Fall, and more teams are being added on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the 2023 Spring season The SBG Sox HS Showcase Program included 25 teams in the 2022 Summer. Beginning in the 2020 Summer, over 120 players have committed to colleges and universities from this program.

Contact Information

Chris Snopek

Kennon McArthur

Joe Yarbrough

P360 Performance Sports is the home of the SBG and SSG Sox Youth and High School Showcase Programs. Facilities are in Jackson, Pearl, Hattiesburg, The Barnett Reservoir (under development), Ocean Springs (under development), Pascagoula and Auburn and Birmingham AL. The facilities are equipped for instruction in Pitching, Hitting, Fielding and Speed & Agility training for players of all ages. Daily Classes are held Monday-Thursday in all locations, providing group skills training for SBG and SSG Sox players, which is included in their membership.

Professional Instructors are on staff to provide individual private training for players. Several additional training programs are available to all members. In Pearl, Hattiesburg and Auburn, Performance Training for athletes is offered by professional staff trained in this discipline.

In 2021, over 1,800 players participated in the various programs and leagues provided by P360 Performance Sports, including the Southeast Collegiate League with college players with NCAA eligibility playing in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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Oct 19, 2022

We played our first year this summer with SBG and really enjoyed it. Great to see Chris and the CABA staff come together. Congratulation!!

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